About Me

“As seen at Heathrow Fine Art Gallery T5 and the New York Design Centre”

My name is Mark Beaumont. I trained as a pilot and having flown for just over 30 years having seen a lot of the world, its' interiors and exteriors, this has been the source of my inspiration. I have always enjoyed both things of beauty that arrest the eye and all things technical. My work as a commercial pilot engages me in the love of detail and the attraction to all things that form flight. Aerodynamics have a natural fascination for most people, curves are both aesthetically pleasing and vital for flight.

...But why?

At an early age have always enjoyed being creative and from the satisfaction of working with my own hands lead me through the intrigue of flight to capture ideas that work both as a piece that stands out but also have a function. This has formed the basis for my work, not to mention repurposing things we have affinity with.