Bespoke Aviation Furniture

“Aerodynamics have a natural fascination for most people, curves are both aesthetically pleasing and vital for flight”

– Mark Beaumont

I have always been fascinated by all things beautiful and all things technical. As a pilot of 30 years, I’ve come to admire how curves are both aesthetically pleasing and also vital for flight. There is a beauty in the form. I was taken on as an artist at Heathrow T5 Fine Art Gallery. What better way to combine my passions than to create bespoke aviation furniture using the parts discarded from retired planes?

Ranging from small house signs to tables, all of our creations are repurposed from retired Airbus and Boeing aircraft to create new, visually stunning and flawless statement pieces. We create ‘high end’ from what is now considered obsolete.

Every piece is handmade and repurposed from retired aircraft.
Metal welding to create furniture
Every item comes with a certificate of authenticity showing the item’s history.
What do we offer?

Incredible engineering, beautifully repurposed

Fully Customisable

Have full control over your product. You can choose the size, the colour, the materials and the finishes.

Made to measure

Our products can be customised to your space perfectly. From small clocks to large tables, there’s something for everyone.


Each product comes with a certificate of authenticity showing the history of the original aircraft.


Choose our delivery option at checkout, or arrange your own collection. It’s entirely up to you.